Highscore video 3rd edition game book!

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I would absolutely love a copy of this book and he seems to have some big names supporting him, I really hope he meets the goal.

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I was one of the first couple dozen pledgers back when it looked like it had no hoped. Opted for dinner with Romero and dinner with Will Wright and dinner with Rusel himself. Unfortunately, when we are forced to post things in very broken-down specific forum categories on Giant-Bomb, the odds are nobody will ever see it (how many people are subscribed to the Kickstarter-Funded forum? Two people?

Anyway, it looks like Rusel will make his goal, but the expense of dealing with his publisher (ie, no solid deals on extra purchases for this effort and the ebooks are going to be the same price as the physical book) is going to eat a huge chunk into his fundraising. Much more than he expected. Really unfortunate. Too bad with all the industry support, Notch or someone didn't kick him $10k to get this thing done. It's really one of the only projects like it.

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Do these kickstarter topics really not count as advertising?

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Kickstarter is getting as annoying as hearing about Mass Effect 3.

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