Jane Jensen puts her hat in the Kickstarter Ring

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Jane Jensen of Gabriel Knight Fame is setting up a new adventure game studio and has launched a kickstarter.

She hopes fro £300k to make one of the following games to be chosed by the fundees.


Dr. David Styles, a renegade neurobiologist, and Samantha Everett, a street magician, seek the truth about a dead girl’s strange powers.


A man investigates a series of events around the world for a mysterious benefactor and learns a secret that changes his entire world view.

Anglophile Adventure

Visit Regency England for a little sex, lies and scandal.

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Cat Hair Mustache,

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Well, C, obviously, but credit to B for having the most vague description of anything ever.

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I don't know why, that video is actually making me feel uneasy.

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as much as a Gray Matter sequeal (or even a new GK if the rights were avaible) is a tempting proposition I must go for a new title

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@alternate said:

Cat Hair Mustache,


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None of the options up to $100 include an art print. No dice.

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Kickstarter threads are the new Mass Effect 3 ending.

at least something good can come out of these.

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Holy shit. Lancaster, PA? I'm pretty sure I could drop in on these guys and bother them. Had no idea there were game designers living there.

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