KickStarter Game - Duel your AI code vs your friends AI code

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This is a unique game on kickstarter, representing a genre you just don't see very often. An AI vs. AI dueling game, where the player designs the code for your robots to battle against the code of other player's robots. It's pretty unique, and I think it deserves a look and some support! It's good to get a variety in our gaming diets... something to stretch our minds and make us think about how you would design your AI robots to our-perform the code of your friend. Pretty cool, hope you like it too...

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Actually, I guess it's the opposite of micro-managing - once you click start - the game simulation is all run based on code you pre-programmed for your robots. Each bot runs the same code, so really, your objective of the player to design the sweetest bot code algorithms you can think of... and then just sit back and enjoy the show! No clicks-per-second, or insane eye-hand coordination required. Hands off game play, just watching the mayhem of robots vs. robots so you know what to try differently for next time in your bot code. I hope you lean towards the love it! Hehe. It should be a ton of fun, and needs some more people to help give it support! Thanks!

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