Squad Wars - from the creators of Jumpgate

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[[I don't know if these threads are classed as spam, but IMO the more avenues to gather awareness of these projects the better.]]

Now that Gazillion (curse their souls) will soon be shutting down the servers for Jumpgate, a game that has stood the test of MMO time for 11 glorious years, I thought it would be appropriate to point people in the direction of a new project that is starting up.

As soon as NetDevil, the developers behind Jumpgate, were kicked out on their asses by Gazillion they banded together to form END Games Entertainment. After making a few games for iOS and phones they are now aiming for something more substantial called Squad Wars.

Generally speaking it will be a Space Combat Arena PvP game with free-to-play mechanics.

It will not be a traditional MMO as we see it today, but there will be some persistence in the gameplay nonetheless. As they describe on the project page, the actions you take in one part of the game will generate missions for players to complete in other areas of the game. There will also be territory control where you gain benefits for your squad.

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So Kickstarter is now the new online petition.   Tim Schafer  what foul unspeakable evil from the deepest pits of the ninth circle of Hell has thou unleashed as a plague upon humanity? 

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So if you donate 1k it makes you a Producer?

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@bartok:Pretty much. Look at this kickstarter page and you'll see how out of control this has become. What has Tim Shafer done?

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@insane_shadowblade85 said:

@bartok:Pretty much. Look at this kickstarter page and you'll see how out of control this has become. What has Tim Shafer done?

I can't believe 5 human beings decided to spend $10,000 on that shit.

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@selbie: I can't believe a game about Youtube personalities not only managed to reach it's $250,000 goal, it fucking surpassed it. Plus, it's being made by an unproven studio. Maybe I'm just being a hater, I don't know.

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@insane_shadowblade85: Either way, I'd be happy to watch that Yogscast project crash and burn, taking all the stupid fanboy money with it.

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END Games have posted an update with some information about how the "MMO" part of Squad Wars will work.

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