Still playing after 16 years lol

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Im still playing this game after 16 years. I had a copy when I was a kid and never really got past..windy city? Think thats the name. I played it for years and im still playing it on my PSP (though thankfully with the save state ive gotten further) but ive still not completed it lol

Anyone else stupidly dedicated to this or should I switch over to something people can understand like WoW :p

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You're not the only one!

Any discussion I have with people about classic video games inevitably leads down a spiral toward Kid Chameleon.  I find it's the best genesis game that no one played, which is unfortunate.

"Whirly Bird", "Hatchet Man", and "Vacuum Cleaner", were my favorite costumes, which I came up with my own little names for.

The game is ridiculously difficult at times, even on an emulator. This makes the moment when you hit that end of level flag and the subsequent music all the sweeter!

Kid Chameleon may not have been able to rival Sonic the Hedgehog at the time of Sonic's release, but almost 2 decades later, it definitely shows that it has more staying power.

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This game is so ridiculously hard it´s not even funny... Good ole´ console game for ya

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Kid Chameleon is an unsung classic on the Genesis/Mega Drive.

I was so happy when they included it on Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection 
Between that, Comix Zone and the goddamn Death Egg at the end of Sonic 2, there are some doozy of challenges on that disc

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