glockstararmani's Kid Chameleon (Genesis) review

The Boy With 1000 Faces

Ok, how awesome was this game, right?! What a fun, interesting, bright, totally 90s little romp through 16-bit heaven. I loved every second of this sexy beast, from smashing those grey bricks Super Mario-style, to finding all of those insane hats and disguises (gotta love the Jason Voorhees one!), to navigating some really interesting worlds populated by cool-looking villains and accompanied by such a rockin' soundtrack that I'd swear I must have died and went to whatever heaven the characters of the movie Heavy Metal would have believed in.

I could be wrong, but I think this monster boasted over 90 levels, or something insane like that. And the concept of the whole thing taking place inside of a virtual reality simulator gives it all a very Inception-like feeling of orgasmically delicious sci-fi.

The advertisements for this game only needed to say one thing to pique anybody's interest: "You can turn into a Nazi skeleton driving a tank". SOLD.


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