2 potential problems with this game and it's critical reception

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  • OMG it's the return of Icarus after 20 years absent from the gaming world proper!
  1. How much is this comeback retro title going to affect the viewpoint of the reviewer?  Does the return of a character who's been in the back of the minds of people for the better part of a generation intimidate the reviewer at all?
  • OMG it's the flagship title of both the 3ds and 3D! 
  1. Does the first to dip their toe in the pool of revolution get a special pass?  Will the presentation have any pull on the reviewer than a regular 2D version would?
  2. *********edit*********and how about the physical side of 3D?  There are people who are effected physically from the tricks 3D pulls on them.  Will this influence the review at all, based on the physiological responses of a person who may or may not be in the majority of the targeted demographic?
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1. Probably not. It would probably be more intimidating to review a sequel to a beloved franchise with a huge fan following than a game such as Kid Icarus, that hasn't had any new installments in I don't know how many years.

1. Either the 3D works for the game or it doesn't. 
The individual reviewer will probably bring it up and then formulate an opinion based around his or hers experience with the game. That being their job and all. 
In this case, falling for the hype doesn't seem like that much of a problem, though I speak from the perspective of someone who's mostly heard scepticism and level-headedness towards the concept of 3D, in games or otherwise.

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Uprising looks like such a departure from the earlier games in the series that I don't think that the comparisons are going to matter.  Either the game is good, or it isn't.  And the game will be reviewed based on its own merits.  I can't recall a single game that was given a special pass simply because it was a launch title.  Certainly, some may have felt more impressive at launch than they did in later years, but reviews are written to judge games when they're new and fresh.
And as for the physical side of the 3D effect, I doubt it will be that much of a big deal.  The 3D effects on the 3DS can be toggled on and off, so if some people do find them to be bothersome, it's easy enough to rectify.  I don't know how wide-spread such a concern will be however given that the early press reactions to the 3D effect at E3 was more or less along the lines of "HOLY MOTHER OF HAMBURGERS, IT WORKS!"

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