Help: What's with the "?" Weapon Gems?

#1 Posted by SilverZeo (48 posts) -

I got two weapon gems from the daily SpotPass that are grey and everything about it has "?" to it. I can't fuse it or convert into a weapon. I can cash it for 5 Hearts, but is that all to it?

#2 Posted by yoshimitz707 (2453 posts) -
A gem with question marks means the gem contains a weapon you haven't unlocked yet.
#3 Posted by darknexus209 (21 posts) -

@SilverZeo: Not really all that means is that it's a weapon that you haven't unlocked yet and hopefully you're bound to find it.

#4 Posted by darknexus209 (21 posts) -

Hey anybody know what weapon would be most ideal in using for the boss battles in Normal & Hard difficulty? I ask this because I am trying to get 100% complete on my Kid Icarus profile and telling me what weapon is good would really help me out.

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