Kid Icarus: Uprising multiplayer info (It's good)

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I was lucky enough to get into E3 this year. It was an awesome trip and I got to see cool stuff and meet interesting people.  My favorite game was Kid Icarus: Uprising.  The multiplayer was amazing, but there doesn't seem to be any public info about it.  So, I decided to let people know.

"Kid Icarus is a 3v3 third person shooter that is best described as a fast-paced mix between Gears of War and Smash Bros. You can dash and sprint quickly, and use Smash Bros-style specials during dashes. There are many fighting game mechanics, and a team can work together to pull off some very flashy and damaging team combos."
"We've been telling people that Kid Icarus is a mix between a shooter and a fighter, and that's because it is. Special projectiles move slower than you're probably used to, but when they connect they send characters flying into a stun animation. During that animation, you and your teammates can land more attacks to combo, just like a fighting game! We don't think it's possible to extend the animation past a certain point, because we couldn't do any infinite combos despite our best efforts."
The full article, complete with my E3 story and a silly amount of details on the game, is available here:

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how was the framerate cause the videos ive seen of it looked choppy, otherwise it sounds cool. By the time i end up getting a 3ds tho hopefully it will be in the bargain bin so i can pick it up.

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It should be coming out for the holidays.
The framerate was great, much better than the trailers.  Must have been at least 30 FPS.

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i read this earlier on the gamespot forums

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