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Unlike most home versions of Kiki KaiKai, which were straight ports of the Arcade game, the FDS version was reworked to be more like an RPG adventure, like Zelda. Instead of a linear progression of levels, Sayo (Pocky) must explore dungeons from an overworld and find cash and power-ups to assist her to each dungeon's boss. Defeating all seven wins the game.

The game allows for a second player, who plays a green-colored version of the red-garbed Saya named Miki (sort of like the red and green of the Mario brothers), which the first player must manually switch over to before she can be controlled. Miki has a completely different set of items to keep track of, making her fully independent from her red counterpart. The game will also automatically switch to Miki if Saya is defeated, and vice versa.

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