• D-Pad to move (Foward, Back, Rotate Left, Rotate Right).
  • L1 (or L2) and R1 (or R2) to strafe.
  • L1 + R1 to look up (there is no down).
  • Square to access Data Screen (Cross to exit).
  • Circle to fire.
  • Triangle to interact (Doors, Switches, etc).


  • There are two ways to die in this game: the players shield is depleted, or the Protect Armor runs out of energy.
  • Shield is lost when the player is struck by enemy fire, or steps on a floor trap.
  • Energy is depleted through the use of energy-based weapons, and by moving.
  • Shield can be replenished by collecting Repair Parts.
  • Energy can be replenished by collecting Batteries, or by accessing an Energy Unit.
  • Each level has an Energy Unit, which is marked on the level map by a red square.
  • An Energy Unit can be accessed as many times as necessary.
  • The position of an Energy Unit within a level is important to note when employing an energy weapon play strategy, as, since energy is also depleted while moving, becoming stranded is a distinct possibility.
  • Players should only exit a level when satisfied that all possible Weapon Safes have been discovered, as levels cannot be returned to.


PAL version:


800B47B0 00FF


800B47B4 00FF

ZAX on:

800B47B8 00FF


800B47BC 00FF

GAIA on:

800B47C0 00FF


800B47C4 00FF

VEDA on:

800B47C8 00FF

Unlimited ammo:

800B47DC 01F4

Unlimited ZAX ammo:

800B47E0 01F4

Unlimited EROSION ammo:

800B47EC 01F4

Unlimited VEDA ammo:

800B47F0 01FC

Unlimited Energy:

800B47A0 03E8

Unlimited Shield:

800B47A4 03E8

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