Looks Like Microsoft’s Bringing Back Killer Instinct

#101 Posted by crithon (3518 posts) -

the only way this could work, is if the game is a parody is the fighting game scene right now.

Killer Instinct the series was rubbish. There is nowhere else to go but up.

#102 Posted by Bigandtasty (3139 posts) -

don't know where it will fall in the fighting game niche, but I'll take it if MS doesn't overprice it

#103 Posted by gametrkr (76 posts) -

Oh that game brings back memories.

#104 Posted by LegendaryChopChop (1311 posts) -

It's about time. This was necessary since the launch of Xbox Live Arcade.

Also, I still own Killer Cuts, and it's still amazing.

#105 Posted by BLKZOMBIE (136 posts) -

It's on!!

#106 Posted by Vague_Optimism (84 posts) -

I remember getting an ultra combo once after hours of grinding away at the practice mode... good times.

#107 Posted by astrotriforce (1704 posts) -

My mint, boxed copy of Killer Instinct with the included Killer Kuts CD still sits proudly displayed on my Pokemon Platinum Stand to this day. Very glad to own the game in like-new condition. Oh and I still bang that Killer Cuts CD even now. Awesome music.

Who doesn't love Killer Instinct? Pansies, that's who.

#108 Posted by scottygrayskull (491 posts) -

I... I didn't like Killer Instinct. At all. Didn't like the characters, didn't like the setting, and REALLY didn't like the stupid combo system. Never understood how people liked it as much as they did, and how they could care this far along that another game be made.

#110 Posted by Alexandru (345 posts) -


#111 Edited by SuperPickle (31 posts) -

Thank god mortal kombat is crap. If i want to play a blood and over the top violence gimmick fighter that has a crap fighting balance it is going to be killer instict at least it does not fucking feel like I am controlling stiff cardboard cut outs and it controls smoothly and the music, sound, voices and long combos was 100% bad ass.

Oh KI had a fucking raptor and wolfman that eats people . Oh and it was the best looking fighting game around back then too.

How fucking mortal kombat keeps on going how suck ass it was and still is KI only got 2 games is beyond me KI pwns mortal kombat and Street fighter 2 and virtua fighter are still king of fighting games and mortal kombat should have died a quick death at street fighter and virtua fighters hands but people still giggle like 12 year old at the lame fatality gimmick and that was lame back in 1992.

I fucking have KI arcade machines as part of my nintendo collection for a reason.

I don't always play blood and fatality gimmick fighting games but, when I do I play Killer Instinct

#112 Posted by Dan_CiTi (3879 posts) -

I'm sure it will be just like Killer Instinct, bad. 

#113 Posted by sonicrift (320 posts) -

I'd love a home release of Killer Instinct 2. Microsoft Twycross has changed so much since making the Killer Instinct that I love. These aren't the same people. The window for me to get excited about a new Killer Instinct game has closed.

#114 Posted by Boopie (197 posts) -

was Klepek even born when Killer Instinct came out? lmao

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