E3 2011 is this finally it

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Will MS and Rare finally reveal a new Killer Instinct?  
 UPDATE/ No dice... 
other than Kinect Sports 2 there was nothing Rare related
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Next console I think.

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even an XBLA release  would be cool...
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Now would be the time seeing fighting are really popular again; however, i doubt itl

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@zyn said:
Next console I think.
That's what I'm hoping for. 
Last time it went PSP, and Xbox 360 come out one year, and PS3 the next. Although I doubt it will happen this time.
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Hell no.

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It's gotta happen sooner or later... right? Please, Rare/MS? 

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@ShaggE said:
It's gotta happen sooner or later... right? Please, Rare/MS? 

I hope they do it
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also it would be cool if the game included a soundtrack CD, like the SNES  and N64 games did.

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