fishdalf's Killer Instinct (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) review

A must for any owner of the SNES.

This is the long anticipated conversion of one of the best arcade fighters around and i suppose the big question would be "does it compare?" and the answer is yes. Unfortunately the graphics aren't as great but if possible they have made the gameplay even more outstanding with it's lightning quick control system. This is a must for fans of the fighting genre because not only does it bring you everything you have come to expect from a fighting game, it also gives you that little bit more for good measure. This 32mb cartridge boasts plenty of stuff to keep you hooked, not only do you get the singleplayer and multiplayer modes but you also get a tournament mode and a practise mode so you can master those all important combo's.

This game has an array of characters each with their own unique traits and move sets and this really gives variety to the gameplay. Some characters have huge combo's in this game, for example Cinder can pull off a move just as your opponent is dying that hits 30+ times and looks mightily impressive. You will need a lot of skill to pull stuff off like this though and that is what keeps you coming back for more. Each character also has some pretty cool finishing moves much in the style of Mortal Kombat and i guess this is part of the reason for the age certificate placed on this game. If you're not burning your opponent alive then you're dropping an arcade machine on their head as you watch blood splatter the walls.

While the graphics can't compare to the arcade original it doesn't mean the graphics aren't impressive, quite the opposite.This game looks nicely polished and can compete with the best looking titles on the SNES. Ignoring the fact that some of the cut-scenes are horrendous, like when you knock someone off a builing onto huge spikes. It just doesn't look right, a child could probably draw a better picture but this doesn't happen very often so it isn't a major problem. There is a huge array of sound clips for each of the characters in this game and with some great background tracks it makes this near perfect in the audio department.

This game is full of options such as forcing human opponents to randomly select a different character after a long winning streak and also easy combo-breakers for beginners having a tough time. If you're a novice to fighting games you should find this game pretty challenging even on the middle setting and you will find yourself diving into practise mode again and again to perfect that 10-hit combo will take you to the next level. There is even the option to fight as the final boss in the game by going Cinder and typing in a certain button configuration, this will have your friends gobsmacked and envious as you smash them across the screen.

With so many 2D fighters around at the time of it's released there may not have seemed like room for any others but that's the thing, this game isn't like any other and is a must for any owner of the SNES. The multitude of combo's and finishing moves it has puts it high above it's closest contenders.


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