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Too bad more peoploe didn't play this game

This game is a really good fighting game for the SNES. The only problem is that Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat also came out and buried this game. But Killer Instinct is a good fighting game that includes 11 fighters, automatic combos (which allowed you to designate a button for specified combos), finishing moves, ultra combos (20+ hits), and combo breakers. The fighters include Fulgore, Glacier, Riptor, Cinder, Jago, Sabrewulf, TJ Combo, Chief Thunder, B. Orchid, and Eyedol. IN this game instead of two rounds a fighter gets two energy bars until they are K.O.'d. The game gets four stars from me because it is a solid fighting game and was very good for its time.

Posted by BranDong

I bought this game at launch.. great game.. I played it a bit in the arcade as well before the SNES version came out.  The SNES version was a very faithful port of the arcade game... I could go for a new K.I. in the near future.

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    A must for any owner of the SNES. 0

    This is the long anticipated conversion of one of the best arcade fighters around and i suppose the big question would be "does it compare?" and the answer is yes. Unfortunately the graphics aren't as great but if possible they have made the gameplay even more outstanding with it's lightning quick control system. This is a must for fans of the fighting genre because not only does it bring you everything you have come to expect from a fighting game, it also gives you that little bit more for good...

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