(Ending Spoilers) Suda 51 most confusing story yet.

#1 Posted by falserelic (5726 posts) -

(If you haven't played the game. You won't have no idea what I'm talking about)

So let me get this straight. Either Mondo somehow got corrupted by dark energy (From killing the bosses) or his brother David took over his body, and now Moon River wants him dead? I don't know this game has alot of plot holes like...

1. Why did David killed his mom?

2. Who was the bizarre lady haunting your dreams? (She could have been David, I don't know)

3. What exactly is Mondo and David? ( I guess there just powerful wires, but who knows.)

4. What is Moon River trying to accomplish?

5. What's with the unicorn from your past?

This game just has plot holes everywhere. I know Suda 51 isn't known for having great stories, but this one just had me at a lost. Anyway I still enjoyed the game alot. Though I don't know if Mondo will be the main character for the next game.

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