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The art style. I dig it. Though I have not played No More Heroes so I don't know if I will like this (Or if it is even plays the same).

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The only Suda game I played was Shadows of the Damned (and loved it). I still want to play Killer 7, especially because of this game. But it looks really good.

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I've played every Suda game in this style since No More Heroes so I guess I'll check this out too.

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It sure has a lot of style.

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Damn, looking forward to this. Promising artwork.

#7 Posted by gaminghooligan (1711 posts) -

Hope he took something away from Shadows of the Damned. I like Suda's style, but Shadows is really the only game he's made that I actually enjoyed playing. This looks cool though.

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@Emiel: If you wish to add screenshots, you can do so in the game's wiki. Unless there's a great deal of text to start up a conversation, this should stay off the forums.


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