benevolentbob216's Killer7 (GameCube) review

Total letdown.

I loved No More Heroes, and wanted to see where the xrazy development team behind it started, so I picked up a copy of Killer 7 for cheap. Well, it was still way too much. I was letdown is just about every way with this game, and I only reccomend it to those who want to see Suda-51's origins or need to try every artsy viedo game out there.

The game's presentation is pretty good. The art syle is unique and stylish, although severly lacking in technology when compared to No More Heroes. The load times are pretty average in length and overly common. This is dissappointing because the ;eve;s are all on-rails and in confined environments, they shouldn't require much effort from the game engine to pull off. There's a few anime style cut scenes I liked very much but they aren't used nearly enough.

The soundwork is actually one of the highlights of the game. The music is catchy but repetitive. The gun and explosion effects are over the top and well done. The voicework is also very well done compared to most video games.

The storyline is totally insane, and is very enjoyable if you like that kind fo stuff and can keep your mind wrapped around it. Multiple personalities is a great premise for a video game that I think should be used again. The game-play is where the game truly falls short. Its an on-rails first person shooter, but without the fun rollercoaster-like experience you get from House of the Dead or Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. I hade literally no fun while playing this game, again making the art-style and storyline it's only redeeming qualities.

The game should have made all cut scenes made in the anime style, made the game-play off-rails like a Normal FPS and made the enemies more entertaining and less cheap. It could have also used a fair amount of polish for load times. Really just a dissappointing game that should have been scrapped or completely revamped.


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