what do the dlc character packs add?

#1 Posted by misterhaan (264 posts) -

a bunch of my friends have killing floor so i was going to buy it next time it went on sale for 75% off or more, and it's currently 85% off! i'm going to get the game, but should i also get the 6 dlc character packs for $1.79 more? if you have one or more of the killing floor character packs, are the additional characters significantly different from the ones in the base game? they regularly go for $1.99 a pack, but with the midweek madness they work out to 30 cents a pack. are they worth an average of 30 cents a pack, or should i just get the game and save the extra $1.79?

#2 Posted by Demoskinos (16300 posts) -

Exactly what it sounds like. More character skins. If you don't care about what you look like then don't worry about it.

#3 Posted by Savage (436 posts) -

They're just some character skins, nothing more or less significant than that. I ended up buying them all over time. I got more than my money's worth of entertainment out of Killing Floor, so I saw the packs as a way to further support Tripwire and get a little bonus to play with as I continued enjoying the game (which I would have done regardless of the existence of the character packs). Before you buy the packs, you should make sure you actually like the game itself.

#4 Posted by misterhaan (264 posts) -

thanks and -- just what i wanted to know! since it's just skins and not different behavior i'll keep my $1.79

#5 Posted by CreepyUncleBrad (204 posts) -

I haven't actually bought any of the character packs but damn, I will say some of the character packs are hilarious. I've been tempted to buy the chicken recently...

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