metallicdistortion's Killing Floor (PC) review

Zombies, Guns, and LOADS OF AMMO

Killing Floor is a co-op wave based zombie FPS for PC (No one gives a shit about MAC). It was released in 2009 after the mod team was hired by Tripwire and is surprisingly underrated. Well first off it's got zombies or more accurately mutants, if you go through the different variations of them, and guns and that's all it takes usually to make a game sell. Well this is a change from the seemingly endless streams of zombie games being released recently. While it is somewhat reminiscent of Left 4 Dead being four player co-op and having guns and stuff (really do I need to explain this to you?) it has a kick that Left 4 Dead was lacking severely and that is the class based combat as well as the cool little feature called 'zedtime'. There are many more easily mod-able features as well flooding the servers with custom maps, which make for a very high level of replayability.  
Alright, on to the gameplay. I feel the gameplay is the main factor in a game's success and well if I was right then this game would have sold insanely because there are few games nowadays that have the same visceral feel and punch this game delivers. The weapons are loud and feel like they pack a punch, which is more than most modern shooters can say, the enemies aren't that interesting and move robotically, but when theres a hundred of them running at you it's hard to stop and criticize this flaw. The different classes make for alot of fun too, shotgun specialist was a personal favourite for me as well as their equivalent of sharpshooter. The 'zedtime' thing is really just a tiny part of the game and doesn't make it better or worse, it's just a fun little feature which slows time so you can watch a zombie's head explode in pretty little bits.  
Graphics obviously weren't top priority, though the game does look alright, and it doesn't detract from the experience at all. Sound is decent, again guns sound powerful and the dialogue is pretty funny, though repetitive at very least. It also has one epic fucking soundtrack. 
The multiplayer is four player co-op though you can play solo and both experiences are just as fun. Depending on the number of party members the number of enemies will increase as well, and it can get pretty insane on servers that allow 12+ players.  
In the end, KillingFloor is a satisfying, extremely fun first person shooter with high replayability and a kick-ass feel. Something to take you away from the bland same old modern shooters for a while at very least. 

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