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Nazi Zombies Meets Left 4 Dead

Think Nazi Zombies combined with Left 4 Dead. Subtract the anti-Semitism and the 4, then add a 6, and what do you come up with? Zombies Left 6 Dead. . . basically Killing Floor in a nutshell. Killing Floor is a six player cooperative survival horror game much like Nazi Zombies but with the scope of Left 4 Dead. With the addition of a perk system, and a SDK right out of the box, Killing Floor has all the benefits of a high budget game with a low budget price point.

Killing Floor is all about intense action in a horror setting. You start out as a SWAT type dude with your other SWAT

You run faster with the knife. . . everyone knows you run faster with the knife!
friends (if you have any) in one of five maps. The goal is to wipe out ever "specimen" aka zombie, and then kill the boss. You play through a wave system, very similar to Nazi Zombies. You have to kill a certain amount of creatures then move on to the next wave. The specimens range from slow zombies to, faster spider type zombies to, tank like zombies with chainsaws. Most of them can be outrun only with your knife at hand. After you finish a wave you’re given about a minute to reach a trader so you can gear up for the next wave. Weapons range from chainsaws to flamethrowers.

The perks work like any other type of game; you level up by killing zombies and depending on what perk you selected your abilities to remove them becomes easier. It adds a nice strategic element wile giving you an incentive to keep playing the game. Team work is also big in Killing Floor, if you stray from your team odds are your going to die, that simple. Another nice touch is the welding system. It adds the ability for any player to weld a door shut from the zombies. With the combo of perks, good teamwork and being able to weld doors, gameplay in Killing Floor can be both very entertaining and satisfying.

Proof, the UT2004 engine still holds up today!
The game runs on the UT2004 engine but holds up to any Source game on the market. The attention to detail is amazing. For such a dated engine the game looks amazing wile running smoothly on older computers. Tripwire found the perfect ration between great visuals and accessible system requirements.

Killing Floor is all about fast paced action mixed with a variety of strategic elements. Anyone who is a fan of first person shooters should own this game period. Six player coop, great visuals, low system requirements, perks, zombies, and chainsaws all for 20 fucking dollars . . .?!?!? The game sells itself.
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Posted by n1ck

Funny review, picking this up asap!

Posted by duffman1990

hmmmm sounds interesting, zombie games own so probably ganna check it out.

Posted by Aeterna

Good that you mention the SDK, it's a very very big point of this game. :)

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