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Oh the horror!!!

I gotta say, I was pretty stoked when I saw the advertisments for this new game. Zombie / mutants + some pretty cool looking graphics. I tried it only to find it mind-numbingly boring and repetitive. You just go around wave after wave of zomutants. Then the horrendously annoying "trader" calls you and you get to select from your weapons to purchase. The mouse had a jittery feel to it. Overall, nowhere near as polished as L4D. Nowhere near as fun either. I understand it when it was a mod for UT2004, but making someone purchase this is just downright wrong. Gotta say (even though I hate to) not worth it.

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    Killing Floor was a disappointment. Largely a "me too" game that was released some time after the 2008 zombie survival title, Left 4 Dead, it fails at every turn to be interesting.Where Left 4 Dead was about making it from point A to point B and surviving everything in between, Killing Floor is about staying in the same place and surviving wave after wave of zombies. You will mostly be hunkering down in a room and killing monsters as the flood in, and you are given the ability to reinforce doors...

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