killzone 2 dodgy copy?

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hi gamers was just wondering if anyone else is having trouble with slow responsiveness, laggy controls and sluggish movements with their copy of killzone 2 or is it just mine. It just feels like a chore to play, everything else is A+, graphics, sound, level design and atmosphere. Does any else think i should return it to the store and ask for another copy? Thanks guys

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This is pretty funny.

Killzone 2 tried to emulate the weight of carrying around a heavy weapon by making it feel a little more sluggish than most FPS games. I wound up beating Killzone 2 and enjoyed my time with it but the first two hours or so feel weird. I've never quite been able to place my finger on it but the oddities with the controls are just something you'll have to get used to.

The third game feels a lot more natural, but I actually didn't care much for it.

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That's just the Killzone series. The animation priority is immense.

I haven't played much of 2 or 3 because of my character's lackadaisical movement.

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I really liked the movement, didn't they patch it to give you a more "normal" option? I really liked the weighty feeling although I do prefer how 3 plays.

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they actually patched in some option in the controls menu (or something) where you can turn on something called like, high precision aiming or whatever and it makes the controls a lot more tight and responsive.

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Killzone 2 has tons of input lag. There is nothing wrong with your copy of the game. I think you should try to stick with it, after a while you stop paying attention to it, even though it can take a while. IMO killzone 2 is the best shooter on the PS3, the mp is really good, kind of reminds me of battlefield 2 in some ways.

The developers made a patch which added "precision aiming" which adds nothing more than a smaller deadzone. I think it's enabled by default. I also highly doubt the input lag was an intentional design decision. It was probably a problem with how the game is rendered, after all Killzone is one of best looking games this console generation (kz2 looks a lot better than kz3) and maybe they took some shortcuts and did some ugly hacks to make that possible.

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I cant complain about anything other than the sluggish/responsiveness, the graphics are out of this world and the atmosphere is immense, the controls just seem to make the game harder than it shud be. Are you saying my game is fine an thats the way its supposed to be? what are any tips for making me more accurate, i suck up close, cant seem to hit anything and then when i look down the sights an line my shot up the enemy seems to scurry off an i have to line up over an over. Oh and the last mission literally took me a week to complete, on normal lol thanks for the reponses guys

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You shouldn't use ADS in this game unless you're shooting at targets far far away. Instead burst fire from the hip, 2 or 3 shots at a time. Crouching helps.

This makes lining up targets a lot easier. Also as usual play around with the sensitivity settings a bit. The deadzone is quite small if you have precision aiming set to on, remember this and use it to your benefit.

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Im not on psn so i cant download the patch which is a bummer, i cant seem to get used to it lol

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@gazcrawfo8692: But you're connected to the internet right now? lol

#11 Posted by gazcrawfo8692 (43 posts) -

im on a dongle lol

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If you're on a laptop you can probably share the connection to your ps3, ad-hoc mode

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