Killzone2: Story, controls, and MP

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SO, I bought Killzone 2 for 30 bucks new at GameStop a good while back. For one I have to say that, yes, the controls are different and to me, they suck. As for the story, forget it, it's useless. No good connection between plots and it really doesn't draw you in. This IS a launch title anyway so lack of story and controls show how much the developers really didn't tend to better design this game rather than just push it for its release. Multiplayer, ah yes. The only good aspect of the game, although I'd rather not pay 30 bucks for a story that lacks my interest, controls that still have delay time no matter how many ppl tend to BAWWW even AFTER patch updates., and not too much replay value other than that. I'm still going through the story to finish where I left off, but seriously, I'm tempted to just quit and trade it in.
tl;dr Killzone 2 just isn't for me

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Killzone 2 wasn't a launch title. the delayed controls really didn't make it any fun for me to play any multiplayer. even with the high precision option patched in, it wasn't fun at all to play. 

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it wasn't a launch title. KZ 3 controls improved things quite a lot. Made it fun, the story is still shit though.

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It wasn't a launch title..what are you talking about?

I really liked how the controls felt, the weight was a nice change of pace. The multiplayer didn't do it for each match just turned into people running into spawns with their rocket launchers out gave me the impression that it was a piece of shit.

And yeah the story is garbage.

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Hmm...I thought it was a launch title :p sorry I was misinformed.

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I liked the controls. I don't really see any delay in them. To me, they just seem like they added some weight to them/lowered the overall sensitivity. I played the multiplayer demo of Killzone 3, and while I do miss the weight from Killzone 2, it seemed fine enough. At least it wasn't super fast like other shooters.

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@CandiBunni: I guess everyone has a preference to what style of button and control layout they like, for me COD style is fun, but sometimes it does get hard to aim at ppl if the sensitivity is up too high :p
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@xXDiabloFanXx said:
I thought it was a launch title.
There's a website that can tell you that.
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I personally enjoyed the different feel of the controls.  And ya, the story was meh but the multiplayer was amazing.  KZ2 is one of my favorite fps multiplayer games honestly.  I just love the long rolling match types.

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