holabendez's Killzone 2 (PlayStation 3) review

A great shooter - worth buying a PS3 just to play it

 After playing this game – I now want a PS3. It’s a shooter, nothing unique about it I suppose, but it’s done really well. It’s slick, the graphics are fantastic, and it’s hella fun. Plotwise there’s really not much to it, but it really doesn’t matter. Definitely the sort of game worth buying a PS3 for. Four stars.    


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    The Playstation brand has had a hard time distinguishing itself in the market. Aside from Metal Gear, and a few other titles, the PS3 never had its showcase game. The game that came out and said “bro, Playstation, it’s here to stay!” Killzone 2 is a phenomenal game that is arguably the best action game in years. Everything from the sound design, to the incredible visuals, this game is what PS3 owners have been waiting for. Guerrilla’s delivered a technical masterpiece, and set a new standard for...

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