vostokone's Killzone 2 (PlayStation 3) review

A series of failed promises lives up to its reputation.

My skeptic alarm was going off when the initial trailer hit for Killzone 2 showing a mesmerizing battle that blurred the lines between gameplay and cutscene. I wasn't so interested in the "is it pre-rendered?" conversation as I was about the fluidity of the gameplay. And wasn't all this a bit suspicious after "Killzone" tried to push the same "wow" hype only to come up empty? Guerilla didn't learn apparently, and Killzone 2 turned out disappointingly (if predictably) static. Much more polished, showing off a bigger budget, Killzone 2 was far superior to its predecessor in every way, but it was still a long shot from the fluid combat we were promised. Unclear mission markers, irritating characters, a dull colour palate, and the worst FPS controls in memory sealed Killzone 2's fate. I respect the bold approach to an FPS cover system, but rather than feeling ahead of it's time, it felt stubborn in its refusal to accept that this mechanic doesn't work and rather than ditching it in early development, the game choked it down our throats. I was fooled twice by the Killzone games, so shame on me, so by this point I never bothered with Part 3.

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