Best Class?

#1 Posted by MonkeyMitcho (135 posts) -

I've been using medic for a while and i'm not having that much luck (although i like the smg a bit) and i've tried the engineer and i've gone back to medic. I was wondering what class you guys use and why you use it?

#2 Posted by mosespippy (4746 posts) -

I played medic a lot to start but it is pretty gimp. All my friends played tactician and when I switched to that it became a whole new game. Instead of fighting over objectives you were fighting over spawn points and objectives. It's the most important role because if you don't have spawn points you'll get steam rolled. I've never played engineer in KZ3. I don't like sniping and sabo is alright for some modes.

#3 Posted by MonkeyMitcho (135 posts) -

yeah i started playing medic with assault rifle with the shotgun with extra primary weapon and it's deadly :P

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