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Whenever I play killzone 3, I go to join a multiplayer game, and it loads into the warzone game type, then just sits at the "connecting..." screen for anywhere from 2 to 7 minutes... I can hear people talking and what not, but it just takes forever.

I have nat2 in my internet, every other game works fine, my xbox connects flawlessly to stuff as well. Anyone having this issue?

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i had that issue pretty bad in the beta.  but i havent played the full game yet :( 
maybe you have to change your nat type or something.  no idea how to do that though.

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The dots don't move at all so don't worry about that however when I'm on that screen it usually takes about a minute or 2 so check and recheck your connection just to be sure
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Its server stuff, it will get better during the next couple of weeks im sure.
They were constantly fixing connection issues in the beta

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I'm getting that really bad too. I haven't been able to play Warzone since I bought the game, actually. It either locks up my PS3, or eventually comes back with some kind of message about "losing critical world data" or something. Aggravating. Hope a patch comes out soon, or they add more servers, or they do whatever it is they need to do to get the game working as it should

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Alright cool. Mines been working better now, though I still get the occasional system lockup and have to reboot.

On another random tangent...i made the mistake of buying the retro map pack, and it essentially broke my matchmaking by only ever connecting me to the one city map from killzone2 whenever I selected warzone. And it was a server that only played that map, so in order to play any other maps, I'd have to set them in my preferred map settings, and even then it would only put me on servers that didn't cycle different maps... So if I wanted a new map, I'd have to change my map preferences.

Needless to say I deleted the map pack off my hard drive so I could play the game normally, great way to spend $5 lol.

Makes me afraid of the next map pack.

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I get it every now and then.

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