Is it even excusable how watered down the online is VS KZ2?

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So ive been killzone 3 for two months before the PSN downage, not having touched KZ2 in well over a year

Today with the PSN summer sale i picked up the 6 extra maps for KZ2 and took them for a spin. It only took about two matches to get fully re-acquainted with the controls and overall had a good time exploring the new content (new for me anyway, i know the DLC itself is ages old by internet standards)

What surprised me was that the online feels many times more robust and developed right down to its lobby system. Its hard to believe both stem from the same company. KZ2 really raises the bar with its wide array of features, proper squads, proximity chat, filters for just about anything, a proper lobby, TONS more stat tracking! Compared to this the online structure of KZ3 feels like a PS2 game.

Seriously, what happened in development to take such a huge step back? 
Just for clarity i am NOT hating on the gameplay changes that is an entirely diverent topic and ultimately a matter of taste, this topic is about the huge discrepancy where a sequal is a significant  step down on a technical level

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I think they realized how shitty the community is at creating good multiplayer game modes and removed the customization that made it impossible to find a decent game in KZ2 after the first few months.  I do wish you could create squads and not just parties, but the rest of that stuff was just needless clutter.

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