Killzone 3 Matchmaking problems

#1 Posted by DonPixel (2727 posts) -

I played lot of KZ3 multiplayer arround the release, then i took a brake to finish some single player games before geting serious into leveling my toon in KZ 

so far I remember there was no matchmaking issues, but now of every 5 games i join theres like 2 or 3 people for the whole match! wtf!? Also when i finally join a full match it won´t rotate the map I did like 5 warzone matches in Turbine concurse and it wouldn´t rotate..

Anyone having the same problems? whats going on?
#2 Posted by handlas (2866 posts) -

I imagine the map rotation problem is partly to blame.  I sometimes get put into games with very few people as well when I select a specific map to join. I have to do that since i have the Retro map pack installed since it will only play those maps if I get put in them.

And now I hear the new map pack has the same the community will probably be split even more-so. I really enjoy Junkyard tho...too bad it's only a Guerilla Warfare map.
#3 Posted by DonPixel (2727 posts) -
@handlas: It´s been working fine today for me.. it put me in a random map when I join and the ther´s the usuall map voting when the round ends...  thou i was stock in the retro map pack for a couple of days

I hope it stays this way
#4 Posted by handlas (2866 posts) -

well after one of the patches I didn't have the issue of always being put on Salamun Market and never being able to get into another map. But it seems to have returned for some reason.

I tried playing Junkyard last night and just got put into games with like 2 vs 5.  Just quit....
#5 Posted by Branthog (5717 posts) -

Glad to hear this isn't just me, but I hope it improves. I bought Killzone 3 just before PSN went down and a month later, I am eager to get in and start ranking up. Unfortunately, the biggest game I can find is 3v3 and it's usually more like 1v1.

#6 Posted by Hawk456 (153 posts) -

It was going well for me until tonight (only playing Guerilla) around 2am when I decided to try one of the other game modes... welcome to 1v1.  Absolutely boring, I repair all the ammo crates and turrets then just watch the count down to get my 500 xp.  Waste of time.

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