One more day.

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Haven't been this stoked for a multiplayer game since Bad Company 2.  While the PS3 may not be the best system to own when it comes to multiplatform games online (most of my friends play on Xbox Live :-/ ), it's times like these I'm glad I traded the 360 in for a Playstation.

#2 Posted by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG (4313 posts) -

i havent pre-ordered this game but ill definately get it on Friday (or tomorow depending on how much energy i have)

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its midnight its out. i could go to the local wal mart if i wasn't so A) Lazy and B) snowing outside like its the end of the world.  
So back to playing DJ Hero 2. which is fucking awesome by the way. 
Tomorrow if the snow hasn't  buried the entire world il go out and get my copy =) 

#4 Posted by Boiglenoight (599 posts) -

70 degrees here.  In February. I could understand one day, but all week? WTF? 
Amazon says it should be on my doorstep later this evening.

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