Single player AA Gun Glitch?

#1 Posted by TrulyAlive (911 posts) -

Just after  taking down the first AA Gun after getting the Jetpack, you need to jetpack over some icebergs and kill a few more infantry Helghan and a couple of Jet-pack Helghan. At this point, My game seems to sieze up. There's a bridge with electrical fuses to shoot to lower the bridge, but shooting it does nothing for me. The objective waypoint is just in the middle of the area I can't progress past. Anyone else having this issue?

#2 Posted by Donos (1197 posts) -

I don't remember any issue like that. I'd say look for more fuses, run up to the thing, or hit back(select?) and read the objective. I really ought to play some more of this game.

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