Unable to vote for next map in multiplayer

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I don't know if this is something that has occured after the latest patch or due to the free retro map pack that I have downloaded, but once I join a match, I keep replaying the same map over and over again. I even tried changing the map selection from "Any" to a specific map and the same thing happens. As soon as the match is over, the countdown begins and you replay the same map without having to vote for the next map. Should I just delete the dlc or wait until the next patch fixes this? Thanks!

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I have read that other people have had this problem. 
It does appear to be related to the retro map pack.  I think there is a work around but don't have the pack so not sure what it is.  
I thik removing the map pack is one way or changing the map settings from any to a specific map. 
There will be something about it on this board or on the Killzone website. 

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Wait... you can vote for the next map?  Been playing since launch and have never seen this option.

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@Andorski said:
" Wait... you can vote for the next map?  Been playing since launch and have never seen this option. "
After the game, you click through the points you have gotten, and then press square.
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Thanks @dibdab I removed the map pack and I can now vote for the next map. I'll just wait and reinstall the map pack once they patch this glitch. 

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