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Continue the Fight 1

 Continue the fight on Helghan in Killzone 3, Guerrilla Games' latest installment in the Killzone franchise.Killzone 3 picks up the exact moment that Killzone 2 ends, with players taking control of Tomas "Sev" Sevchenko after a quick tutorial to get you back on your feet with the new controls. The Helghast leader, Scholar Visari is dead and the remaining ISA forces need to evacuate. A simple evacuation goes awry and you now need to fight your way out. Killzone 3's campaign is chock full of...

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Killzone 3 First Impressions 1

  Front cover of Killzone 3 (US) for PlayStation 3  Killzone is a series that is near and dear to any PS3 FPS fans heart.  The series made it start on the PS2, had an offshoot game on the PSP, and finally made its way to next gen with a bang with Killzone 2.  Killzone 2 introduced most players to the gritty world of Helghan with amazing graphics and a fresh new take on FPS controls.  Can Guerilla Games up their tactics and produce another great game on the PS3 or will they suffer the next gen ...

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Killzone 3 0

It may have some rough spots and the story might be a little disjointed, but Killzone 3 delivers a stellar experience that PS3 owners can’t afford to miss. Killzone 3 is something of an enigma. On the one hand, it’s one of the most technically impressive games available for the current generation of consoles. The game does things with its graphics that are rarely seen outside of a high end PC and are quite frankly dazzling. But on the other hand, the game’s actual design—encounters,...

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Killzone 3 review. 0

Two years ago, Guerilla Games set the bar ridiculously high for PS3 development. After years of anticipation, and most importantly extreme skepticism, Killzone 2 landed on store shelves and the rubber hit the road. Skeptics were proven (mostly) wrong, as KZ2 was the best looking PS3 game back then and still remains one of the best looking games of this generation. The gameplay, however, needed refining. The single player campaign was frustrating at times, the multiplayer unbalanced and flawed, a...

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Guerilla might want to try something new with their next shooter. 0

Guerilla Games’ Killzone franchise has always felt like Sony’s answer to Microsoft’s Halo series. They both feature interplanetary warfare, false hope for the self-proclaimed “good guys”, and state-of-the-art multiplayer that rival the best shooters on the market. Despite this, I never really cared for Killzone 2. I don’t know if it was the “heavy” feeling controls, the cookie-cuter level design, or just its ridiculous expectations; I just couldn’t get into it. Unfortunately, Killzone 3, Guerill...

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Best in series! 0

First I must say I got my copy for $25 months after release and understandably I expect less from a game the less I pay and the less hype I have around playing it. That said for no hype and $25 I found Killzone 3 to be a blast figuratively and literally.Now looking at this from a block buster, big budget, hyped, $60 release I still found it quite entertaining just not enough to blow my socks off per say.Hands down I want to say that this is by far the best game in the series. Killzone was nothin...

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Killzone 3 Review 0

Killzone 3 is the perfect example of a shooter done right. It is the most engrossing shooter I’ve ever played thanks to it’s compelling story and bestial combat, your heart won’t stop pounding in your chest until you’ve reached the very end!Killzone 3 is everything I could ask from a perfect shooter. My likes far outnumber the minor dislikes I have for the game. It is more than the typical shooter that places a virtual gun in your hands and tells you to go shoot some stuff. I actually feel like...

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Killzone 3 Review: Enter the zone of killing again 0

Killzone 3 is the sequel to the great Killzone 2 by Guerrilla Games. Killzone 3 has a great introductory sequence setting up the story before it places you at literally the ending of Killzone 2. The campaign begins at this point, allowing you to pick up as Sev where you left off in the last game. You will be forgiven for putting a bullet into Rico at this point if you want. The story starts fast and the campaign maintains a great sense of urgency and excitement for its duration. The story has be...

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Great entry to the series. 0

Like Killzone 2, the visuals are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This time, with a lot more color. As I progressed throughout the game, I found myself enjoying the scenery. I loved the details of the surroundings, the colorful jungles of helghan, the brutal arctic landscapes and the high tech military installations.Whereas Killzone 2, all the battles took place in large cities. Even though I am not a person who covets graphical prowess, this game, in my opinion, is one of the best looking PS...

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It only does everything...or tries to 0

 I've come to a weird realization recently when it comes down to Guerilla Games and their Killzone series: aside from their multiplayer, which tends to be exceptional, Guerilla seems to have a really hard time making good  games. What I mean by that is their games have large amounts of technical prowess and graphic power but when it comes down to their gameplay, there's just something...lacking. Killzone 3 to me feels like it should've been the grand entrance into the new Guerrilla: one that not...

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Cool Explosions, Man 0

So, Killzone 3, a sci-fi shooter set in... well I'll be honest I didn't play Killzone 1, and Killzone 2 infuriated me to no end so I don't know much of the back-story coming into this. Killzone 3's story was surprising in a few ways, other than starting off not feeling like I had to play the other two to get a feel for what was going on. I did have a few complaints however, but good things first. The Good: The main characters are easy to get behind and root for, which is more than most shooters ...

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No Hype, No Problem 0

 Hype has always been a great problem in the video game industry, with hours of pre release footage combined with a never-ending news cycle gamers are constantly inundated with information about upcoming releases. The Killzone franchise knows this all to well. The first Killzone was touted as Sony’s “Halo Killer” (a term that developer Guerrilla Games came to despise) and was unable to live up to such hype. The second Killzone was to say the least… expected to live up to its almost atmospheric h...

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Killzone 2: White Edition 0

Killzone 2 was a pretty good game, sure the controls were heavy and the story was meh, but it was fun. Killzone 3 has fixed alot of the problems from 2, even the sepia color scheme. The multiplayer feels the same with a little more focus on classes, I hate Infiltrators, and is definately more polished. All in all 3 is a PS3 fan must buy....

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Plot is thin, Multiplayer is great 0

Given the plot you might be as sad as I was when this game ended.  I was hoping for a great "movie" like story line but it fell really short in my opinion.  The upside is the multiplayer.  The ranking and unlocking of weapons is pretty good and enjoyable.  I look forward to Killzone 4 if they decide to make one....but really hope for a great plot and ONLINE Co-Op.  That is the other thing that is missing for replay value.  I myself go through Co-Op with my friends in other titles and was really ...

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Next time, just sign me up for the Helghast... 0

The original Killzone first entered the scene back in 2004 as Sony’s answer to Halo. The game introduced us to the evil Helghast, a legion of red eyed gas masked goons that were the depiction of German stormtroopers who spoke in the tones of an entire cast of demonically possessed British PE teachers, the very representation of the worst of humanity. In control of a soldier of the opposing ISA forces (or the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance if you want to be technical) you had to defend yo...

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Even better than it's predecessor 0

Pros:-Stunning and jaw dropping gorgeous graphics-Amazing game play, easily the best in FPS history-Fun and intense campaign with good variety-Enemy Helghast AI is almost genius and provides a very brutal and tactical challenge-Weapons all feel powerful and are great to shoot-One of the most technically advanced games ever made-Multiplayer is highly addicting, strategic, varied, and creates a feeling of being in a large scale chaotic conflict, all on great and very detailed maps. One of the best...

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What a great experience 0

This is my first time playing a Killzone game and I'm very pleased. The graphics are absolutely gorgeous in this game. The developers took their time and worked on the details to perfection. As far as graphics is concern this game goes above and beyond a 10.0 score. That being said, if you are playing Killzone for the 1st time then you will be a little confused in the beginning. However, that doesn't take anything away from the game. The experience is phenomenal. I mean you will be engaged throu...

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Killzone 3 Review 0

You will once again find yourself facing off against the Helghast. This game literally starts where the second game left off. You have killed the man in power, but now you have to see your men safely back. The problem is that nothing is easy, and you'll have to fight your way across a portion of the planet to try to escape. The strange thing is that there is something behind the scenes going on that could possibly destroy everyone.Graphically this game shows off what the PlayStation 3 can do. Th...

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Quality FPS but doesn't push the genre forward 0

Review Originally Published on my website Graveside EntertainmentDeveloped By: Guerrilla Games Published By: Sony Computer Entertainment Starring: Malcolm McDowell, Ray Winstone, Andrew Bowen Following Emperor Visari’s execution at the hands of ISA lunkhead Rico Velasquez, The Helghast launch a massive military campaign hellbent on the destruction of the ISA. The remains of the ISA forces are spread thin across the treacherous terrain on the Planet Helghan, and are being systematically...

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Treat for the eyes as well as the hands 0

Before the review I would like to give a little background on my past experience regarding the Killzone series. I was never able to play the first Killzone as I was too busy playing Kingdom Hearts on my PS2. I never thought about the series that much until I saw the trailer of Killzone 2 for the PS3. It was amazing! Right then and there I was hyped about the game and could not wait for it anymore. This is the reason why I decided to play Liberation on the PSP. Obviously being a top down shooter ...

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Pros and Cons: Killzone 3 0

Pros:The visuals are absolutely astounding and easily the best currently on the PS3. While I personally enjoyed the grayed, urban environments of Killzone 2, the ice covered mountains and colorful jungle were a welcome change.Some great action sequences, including a surprisingly fun stealth segment.Jet-packs added a new dynamic to combat and traversal.Multiplayer is fun and much more rewarding than the previous installments. The inclusion of Guerilla Warfare, which is solely Team Deathmatch or b...

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Unfortunately, the Third Time Wasn't the Charm 0

I know that I'm a little late to the Killzone 3 party,but this was just one of those weird games that just totally compelled me to write a review--even though it's been out already for two months.  Please note that this is a single-player campaign review only (I played two matches of multiplayer, didn't care for it, and turned it off).   Let me start off by saying that I wanted to like this game. Like, really, really wanted to. Long heralded as the flagship of PS3-exclusive shooters, the Killzon...

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Underwhelming and a Big Step Back 0

Some in atmosphere spacefaringGuerilla Games is a first-party studio buy those dudes over at Sony. Killzone has been their flagship franchise since the release of Killzone on the PS2. Killzone was by no means a bad game, but suffered from being a bit too saturated and dull. Fast forward to 2009, and the release of KIllzone 2 was a key release for the PS3 early on. The game boasted some crisp visuals along with an engaging multiplayer suite that fueled PSN in the beginning days. Turn your pages t...

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