Regarding Mercenary vs. KZ3

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So after playing Killzone 2 some years ago, I just picked up KZ3 and Mercenary in advance of playing Shadow Fall soon. I'm wondering if there are any spoilers or throwbacks in Mercenary to KZ3? Basically anything that would prevent me from wanting to play them concurrently, as opposed to just running through 3 first. Thanks for any info!

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I haven't played Mercenary yet (No space on my Vita) but I doubt it'll have any spoilers for KZ3. They're completely different story's.

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Killzone 3's story is absolutely terrible anyway, I wouldn't worry about it being spoiled.

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As the only one who seems to have played KZM I can confirm the story is an afterthought. It does what it needs to and doesnt get in the way, which is more than I can say for Shadowfall. You dont need to have played KZ3 to enjoy Mercenary although the campaign is extremely short and I would recommend spacing it out with the multiplayer if you can, as the upgrades in the black market carry between the two.

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Thanks for the replies!

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Just a heads up, Shadow Fall is absolutely awful.

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its funny i actually thought mercenary had one of the better campaigns for the killzone series.

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