So, who's excited? Who's not so excited?

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The game does look nice. And colors that aren't gray are generally foreign to Killzone games, so this looks really nice. The shooting looked-- Well it looks like a shooter. You shoot things. Nothing new. I like how the gun had a sniper(?) mode. Or maybe it was a charged shot. That looked nice. And that set-piece towards the end? Really nice. I feel excited for the PS4 as a whole. Hopefully Killzone, Infamous, Watchdogs, and Driveclub, are all launch titles. So, what you guys think?

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It looked good to me. Always a Killzone fan.

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I'm very excited (known KZ fanboy here), but I really hope they stray back towards KZ2. I know a lot of people hated the weighty controls of 2(I loved them), I just hope they can find a balance where it doesn't feel like every other shooter.

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It seemed ok. I really like the story concept with the whole Berlin Wall thing going on with the Helghan. I really want to know how it has come to that after what happened in KZ3.

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I remember liking the original Killzone. If I get a PS4 soon after launch I'll probably get the new Killzone. I'm sure it won't matter that I haven't played any of the other ones, right? I don't know if the wall is from previous games, but it seems like it could make for an interesting story.

Edit: Ha, I just watched footage from the original killzone. That sure is a PS2 game.

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It looks very pretty. It also looks boring to play, but it's hard to judge based on 5 minutes of footage. Footage which may or may not even be actual gameplay, Sony has been misleading about this sort of thing in the past.

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#7 Posted by pyrodactyl (3522 posts) -

It looked amazing but that gameplay... man, boiler plate shooters have become sooo boring.

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#8 Posted by Levius (1356 posts) -

I really liked Killzone 3 multiplayer, so I'm excited to see what happens on that side as they have some pretty progressive ideas about multplayer modes over at Guerilla.

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Looks cool. KZ is to date the only console FPS I've ever gotten into so I'll be looking out for it.

I really hope they improve on the story aspects of it though.

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Never been a Killzone fan. KZ2 is one of the few games I own, that I've not seen through to the end. The demo impressed me fidelity-wise, and I'll keep an open mind. Assuming Battlefield 4 will be out at launch, that'll be my shooter of choice though.

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I'm intrigued by the whole wall thing. They could tell an interesting story with that and have some nice variation in visuals to go with it. Killzone 3 was a generally enjoyable experience while Killzone 2 was sort of, bleh. So hopefully they stay the course and this'll be fun.

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As usual, Guerilla made a gorgeous looking game. As tired as I am of shooters, I really liked KZ3. I'm tied of the Battlefield & CoD so this'll be my go-to for multiplayer when I get a PS4. I'm excited!

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#13 Posted by Justin258 (14206 posts) -

I want to see it, but I don't especially want to play it.

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#14 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4371 posts) -

I would buy it.

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#15 Posted by PenguinDust (12986 posts) -

Meh, it certainly looks good, but I need more from a shooter these days than move from point "a" to point "b" by killing everything in between. Games like Borderlands 2 and Far Cry 3 add elements that keep me interested beyond the carnage. I expect Bioshock Infinite to do this, as well. I don't know enough about Killzone 4 to say it doesn't do this, but the little bit we saw at the press meeting felt like more of the same with a shiny facade.

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I loved Killzone, 2, 3 and enjoyed Liberation. I will purchase this game.

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#17 Posted by cutyoface (580 posts) -

I am looking forward because it looks nice and I liked the previous games (also maybe because it's being made in my country).

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I'm not a Killzone fan so I'm not excited.

But if it's a launch title, i'll definitely get it because FPS's make for good display of hardware (same as watching a big blockbuster action movie when you get a new home theater).

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#19 Posted by Addfwyn (2006 posts) -

I like Killzone, I don't play many shooters because I am pretty burnt out on them, but I can usually manage one per year or so. I could see this being my one from the year. It looks really pretty and seems to handle well enough.

I do not understand all the hate the world seemed to pile on Killzone around that press conference though. Is KZ really that hated?

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#20 Edited by Funkydupe (3607 posts) -

I guess we're really spoiled with good games, because I wasn't feeling excitement at all when that gun popped up in first-person view; it just seemed so familiar. And to be perfectly honest, when I'm dodging bullets and trying to aim at guys, I do have less time to study the purdy textures. Oh, and I really dislike motion blur effects in general; if possible I switch those off immediately.

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I just played through KZ3 again... So that happened. I really enjoyed it, maybe more than the first two times. I was really surprised. Although that ending was some seriously steaming hot garbage. At least twice as bad as I remembered.

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#22 Posted by Andorski (5481 posts) -

Not excited. Played all three console Killzone games. Loved the edition of Warzone to the multiplayer in KZ2, but was disappointed with the smaller size of the multiplayer in KZ3.

To me, the Killzone games are just your pretty, but entirely average shooter franchise.

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#23 Posted by Superfriend (1715 posts) -

I like Killzone 2 and 3 a whole lot. The third game really tightened up the gameplay, but I felt like it was somewhat held back by the hardware.

It just felt like the level-parts were too small and not really connected to each other. You just got: short gameplay -cutscene- short gameplay -cutscene- ... -level over- I think it was done that way in order to hide loading times and the levels themselves were smaller to keep the performance up to reasonable levels.

So, yeah Killzone on new hardware could be amazing.

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#24 Posted by pr1mus (4158 posts) -

Story is trash, gameplay is great. I like Killzone. I'm moderatly interested in this new one. If it's a launch title along with InFamous i'm probably leaning more towards InFamous at the moment.

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that depends... Is Rico back?

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Fancier graphics, what i saw in the demo same boring old gun play, id take infamous before killzone

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I was a big fan of the weighty feel of Killzone 1 & 2, ive yet to play Killzone 3, so hopefully they give a little more of the story since the post WW2 Berlin setting is really interesting. If they can give a little better story than before and keep the weight then even as a basic shooter im sold.

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The initial premise for the game seems interesting, what with the Berlin wall and Helghan relations or whatever.The fact that the gameplay looks just like any other shooter just with fancier graphics is really disappointing.

Also didn't seem like they were really utilizing the bigger game world that the PS4 allows, which could have made the game stand out more and allowed for some more unique gameplay mechanics, other than as scenery for the flight sequence. I guess that's not really what Killzone is about, though.

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#29 Edited by MezZa (2513 posts) -

I wouldn't say I'm excited, but I'm curious. Gameplay looks good, but in a way that a lot of other fps games are good. Only killzone game I've played is 3 and I was baffled by how bad of an impression that game left me with after finishing the single player.

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#30 Edited by joshthebear (2704 posts) -

I could not be any less excited at the proposal of a new Killzone game.

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#31 Posted by Kinapuff (267 posts) -

I'll get excited once we get some more information on the Multiplayer. I vastly preferred the multiplayer in the 2nd one over the 3rd, so I hope they deliver on that front. Couldn't give less of a shit of the singleplayer campaign if I'm completely honest.

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#32 Posted by ArtelinaRose (1993 posts) -

I didn't care at all until I actually watched the short gameplay walkthrough they showed off. It seems like they've gone for the type of science fiction aesthetic that I enjoy, and I find the Cold War/Berlin Wall segregation of cultures thing they've got going on to be REALLY interesting.

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#33 Posted by Redbullet685 (6447 posts) -

I'm excited. Not a system seller or anything, but I enjoyed 2 and 3 quite a bit so I'll play it.

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#34 Posted by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG (4312 posts) -

I really liked the Killzone 3 multiplayer and I only had a problem with the shitty story.

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#35 Posted by deactivated-57d4cf64585b7 (535 posts) -

Meh, does not look all that special to be honest. Looks like a typical FPS set in the near future to be honest, set up with big set pieces. Not too excited.

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#36 Posted by Quarters (2538 posts) -

I thought it looked great, speaking as a Killzone fan. Consistently enjoyed my time with the series(except for maybe Liberation, which is a MOTHER sometimes in terms of a difficulty, some of the angriest I've gotten at a video game in a long time).

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Neither really, looked cool and I haven't played a killzone game in years so I would be down for another one but I"m not drooling for it or anything

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I should preface this by saying I've only played the first two Killzones and have only completed the second.

I thought the premise of Killzone had promise, but they seriously failed to deliver on that promise. I absolutely gave zero shits about the plot and characters (save Rico because fuck that guy). The whole invasion of Helgahn in the second game also struck me as a little problematic, given the general shallow approach to the game's universe, but perhaps that's just my hippie pacifist nature getting the better of me.

That said, the gameplay was certainly above average and it's fairly clear to me why fans of console shooters would enjoy the series even if I do think there are more interesting shooters out there. I'm skeptical about Shadow Fall changing how I feel about the series, but I like that they've shifted to a more vibrant sci-fi aesthetic and the whole space-Berlin-Wall thing seems more interesting than the boilerplate British Space-Nazi bullshit from previous games.

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#39 Posted by BigBoss1911 (2807 posts) -

Graphics obviously look nice but unless they do something new with gameplay Im almost definitely not picking it up.

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#40 Posted by Ennosuke (63 posts) -

Graphics obviously look nice but unless they do something new with gameplay Im almost definitely not picking it up.

I agree with you. It really looks nice, this flight over the city is amazing. But it still seems to be Killzone and it wasn´t really fun for me. I bought Killzone 3 and I was disappointed, because of the Gameplay and Story. Maybe if this would be the visual most impressive game during the launch window, I could imagine buying it. Why? At every beginning of a new Gen, the graphics are making us "blind" somehow in our decisions :D

For Fans of the series it must have been very good news to get a Killzone as one of the first games :D

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#41 Posted by TangoUp (327 posts) -

Given how the third game ended (thankfully, I didn't buy it) I was hoping we would be playing as a Helghan this time. I enjoyed Killzone 2 but I had a cursory look at Guerilla Games' backstory of the Vektan-Helghan war and it is heavily implied that the Helghans are actually the ones with more to feel aggrieved about.

And Shadow Fall has you once again facing the Helghans. They're the franchise's icons but if GG have taken the trouble to flesh out their backstory and not make them mindless brutes, then why treat the Helghans like cookie-cutter villains? Oh well, any launch FPS is better than no FPS but I haven't seen anything that has made me want to play this game.

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#42 Edited by Danteveli (1405 posts) -

Not excited since i didn't really like previous games except that PSP one.

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#43 Edited by Tarsier (1491 posts) -

kill zone has always been a wretched game that only got praise because it was a FPS exclusive on a sony console. but im excited about the prospect of a mass effect type game looking like this, having these kind of futuristic cities.

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#44 Posted by probablytuna (4829 posts) -

I consider myself a fan of the Killzone games but I'm kinda not that excited about this new one. I guess playing the third game was kinda enough for me.

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Yep, playing the third game was enough. They kind of ran the whole thing into the ground. They killed any characters that I might have liked long ago, then they had the rest making the dumbest mistakes possible.

However, since it's going to be a launch title, I might just get this anyway to see if they got things right for FPS games.

One thing I noticed was technology level in the story has definitely jumped. The main character is sporting powered armor, and his gun is a mass accelerator that seems to work like the Mass Effect guns.

Meanwhile, the Helghast are making use of their newly developed shielding technology on the heavies, and clearly their cloak and infiltrator technologies have improved.

Honestly, I'd love for them to mix it up as a Helghan resistance fighter, fighting both Vektan corporate and black ops, but also the Helghast regime's soldiers in order to try and overthrow the current government.

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#46 Posted by casper_ (915 posts) -

yo this game looks vanilla as fuck

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