what is the best killzone??

#1 Posted by gazcrawfo8692 (43 posts) -

what is ur favourite killzone and why??

#2 Posted by impartialgecko (1783 posts) -

3. Because it doesn't feel clunky unlike 1 and 2 did. Rico was also less of a dick, although not by much.

#3 Posted by jayjonesjunior (1108 posts) -

3 overall, liked the SP in 2 but the MP was horrible.

#4 Posted by mosespippy (4746 posts) -

Killzone Liberation. The top down view allowed for you to be more tactical. Things like staying in cover and moving into position to silently kill the guy with the radio for back up made the gameplay more dynamic. The variety of enemies is pretty good. I don't think they've used spider mines or dogs since. It had loads of vehicles (hover craft, jet pack, dune buggy, tank and maybe something else). If you had squad mates you could give them orders like defend this position and they wouldn't just shoot the wall like they did in KZ2.

Eight player online is the perfect amount of players. It's big enough that things are going on but small enough that you can coordinate with your team. The fact that everybody spawns with a syringe that they can use to heal other players but not themselves is great because it encourages teamwork. You could set the starting default weapon to any weapon in the game but all weapons had a weapon that would defeat it if you went up against it. Revolver was strong to the LMG, LMG was strong to rocket launcher, rocket launcher was strong to the assault riffles, and so on.

I really wish they'd release the KZ:Liberation multiplayer on PSN for PS3. With the hacking on the PSP people use cheats like fully automatic sniper riffles, infinite grenades, increased run speed, and many other things that just make that game fucked. It was good for the three or four weeks before there were hackers though.

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I thought Killzone 2 had the best multiplayer and Killzone 3 had the best single player. If Guerrilla could merge the best from both we would have one hell of a game. Still waiting for a Helghast campaign too, the ISA are lunkheaded dicks.

#6 Posted by believer258 (13213 posts) -

2, since it's the only one I have completed.

#7 Posted by Masha2932 (1331 posts) -

@mosespippy: Oh man, I really enjoyed Killzone Liberation. The game fit the platform so well. Only killzone game I've played as well.

#8 Posted by Nightriff (6584 posts) -

Never completed 2 because the final boss was fucking terrible so......1 or 3 are the best Killzones.

#9 Posted by freakin9 (1187 posts) -

2 was the best one. 3 wasn't really that great. 1 had awful pixelation going for it.

#10 Posted by bchampnd (111 posts) -

I really liked KZ3 because I'm terrible at shooters so the campaign was manageable for me (read: it was easy) and I was able to find a role for myself in multiplayer (engineer).

I really wanted to like KZ2 more because Visari was such a great villain. I just had a very difficult time with the single player near the end of KZ2 which spoiled the fun for me.

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@Masha2932: Did you play the downloadable expansion for Liberation or just the main game? They put out 4 extra missions about 6 months after the game came out so not a whole lot of people played them. Probably 3 of the best missions in the game are in the expansion.

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I fell into a deep Killzone 3 multiplayer hole, and any campaign that can be played co-op is a big plus for me. So Killzone 3 for me.

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@jayjonesjunior said:

3 overall, liked the SP in 2 but the MP was horrible.

I am the complete opposite. I really dislike the SP in Killzone 3 and I think the changes they made in the MP, while clearing many issue the 2nd one had, is not as strong as the second one.

Overall I think Killzone 3 was a major step down from Killzone 2.

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I prefer KZ3 over 2 but still I still quite a good game

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2 for the great campaign and 3 for the great multiplayer.

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Killzone 3's singleplayer was absolute rubbish. Terrible story. 2 wasn't great but certainly better.

2 also had better MP because the maps were just far better and there was more strategy I thought since one of the classes could throw down grenades to spawn teammates. 3 was just a chaotic mess and the maps didn't have very good layouts. I think most people felt the same becasue the MP maps that came out as DLC didn't seem to get many players. At least when I bought them barely anyone played them (when they first came out).

Been thinking about trying Killzone 1.

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I'd say Killzone 2 is the best because it has a better multiplayer then number 3 and the game was much harder then any other Killzone. Then I'd say number 3 because its still a pretty hard story mode but not that much of a good multiplayer as number 2 and then I'd say number 1.

#18 Posted by Otacon (2263 posts) -

Killzone 3 is a great game and turned my view around on the franchise. Me and a friend played through it on co op and had an absolute blast. I pretty much got to the last boss in 2, realised it had got late and stopped playing, then never bothered to put the disc back in again. It annoys me a bit when people label killzone as a sci fi FPS created to tick boxes, like cliffy b did on the live stream. Sure it might have started that way, but it's actually become a great franchise since.

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