All the characters that haven't died, need to come back.

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Marshal Luger, Shawn Natko, and etc. need to be back and be more important than just simply there. There needs to be better character development as well. The characters kind of just keep getting worse as the games go on. I want it to be the best it can be next time around. Plus, why is Sev and Rico such ugly characters? Does anyone agree (or care) that they need to bring back the characters from the first and second that haven't yet died off? 
I thought it was weird how they didn't even have Natko in the third, only to put him in co-op as the second playable character. Plus, I may be in the minority, 'cause a lot of people didn't like the first Killzone, but when it came out, I loved that game, and played it for months on end. I liked the characters, the Vektan environments, and everything else except for the technical side of the graphics. Also, they need to get the same voice actors, I really do hate when they get new actors, even if it is great the next time around.
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the story has the potential to be so great except they just fucked it up in the third game. 

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They need James Cameron to help with the story, and James Horner/Hans Zimmer to the the music. Ha ha, that's random.


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