Thoughts on the Killzone Series

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So Killzone Shadow Fall was announced for PS4 which i think everyone was expecting. I was just wondering what people think of the Killzone series. Even i am getting a little bit tired of the franchise especially with Killzone: Mercenary coming in the late summer and i am the biggest fan of the series. I have everything Killzone related outside the game and i play KZ3 multiplayer almost everyday.

Why can't they leave Killzone as it is now, instead they will probably run the franchise into the ground like COD and Gears of War. I think they should get Guerilla Games to do something else like a RPG or something, they seem like talented guys. what are your guys thoughts?

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I just finished playing killzone 3 single player and really enjoyed it actually looking forward to the new one. I can definitly see where people are coming from.

I think the premise for the new one is great i just hope they take advantage of it, the last games story potential was good just not delivered well with forgettable characters in my view.

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The tech is impressive for ps3 games, the story is trash, the multiplayer in 2 was great. Never played 3.

I'm not opposed to more Killzone.

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@natedawg_kz: Is the multiplayer still going strong? I played a lot of KZ2 and KZ3 multplayer and really enjoyed it. I would say that's the strongest point of the Killzone games.

But a little more on-topic. I still enjoy the series having only played Killzone 2 & 3 but I have the PSP game (which I want to play some day). I don't know what people were expecting. The PS3 launched with Resistance and the PS4 will be launching with a new Killzone. They need a proven FPS so that they can start working out the kinks in the network when it comes to multiplayer. And doesn't sound there is going to be another Resistance so a new Killzone will be fine.

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too much gray, black, and red in the killzone games for me. its also the reason i liked what i saw in the killzone shadow fall trailer it has color!

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Is there a collection yet?

Whenever I get around to getting a PS3, I wanna be able to bundle up - that and resistance.

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@living4theday258: Did you play 3? They really tried to make a lot more varied environments. The alien jungle looks amazing, as does the snow and there's a lot more green.

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Great graphics and mechanics but story is pretty bad tbh.

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too much gray, black, and red in the killzone games for me. its also the reason i liked what i saw in the killzone shadow fall trailer it has color!

More Color, less put a gun to my head atmosphere

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@fragilenin: KZ3 has a decent size multiplayer community but most the games i play are on the dlc maps and somehow they took the server search from KZ2 so sometimes you might end up joining a game with like 2 people playing.

Your totally right. I just hope they don't release them yearly or something since there is 2 KZ games coming this year assuming that Shadow fall will be a launch title.

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@hawkerace: Yes there is a collection which includes the first Killzone in HD, Killzone 2 with all DLC and Killzone 3 with all DLC

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I played the campaign of Killzone 2 earlier this year, and I really didn't like it because hardly anything happened aside from Rico having no impulse control. Didn't try the multiplayer, assumed everyone moved onto KZ3 by now.

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I'm really down on the idea of Mercenary. In the other games Sev and Templar had reasons for fighting, such as protecting the trade routes between Alpha Centauri and Earth. The plot of Mercenary seems to be, "I love money. Who do I have to kill to get money?" It's just a bit narratively bankrupt and I don't know why the player should give a fuck because the motivation of money in the game doesn't translate to real world motivation.

I don't see how they are going to narratively justify this Berlin wall plot for Shadow Fall. It's in Vekta City, which is on the ISA controlled Vekta planet. The Helghast had successfully invaded before but their foothold was removed during Liberation and the fight chased them back to Helghan for the start of KZ2. So somehow these guys whose entire planet got super nuked are going to have an entire section of city on an enemy planet? How did they manage that? It's not like they can have a third ISA general on the inside leaving a hole in the planetary defences again. At least not without coming off as being completely out of ideas.

I'd like to see either a Killzone RTS or a PS3/PSN version of the Liberation multiplayer. I was ranked 10 in North America before the PSP multiplayer got hacked to shit. If it wasn't for the hackers it would be the best multiplayer in the series and I really want more of it. No matter what the starting weapon was there was always a weapon in the supply crates that was a counter. Four against four is great for actually getting communicating strategies and executing them. The fact that all players have a syringe that can heal a teammate but not themselves promoted teamwork. Having smoke grenades actually used as smoke screens instead of as spawn points made them much more useful, compared to the spawncamp sign that they are in the subsequent Kilzone games.

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I actually like the stories, its pretty much like WW2 in space! I agree with evryone that the characters are totally garbage, though i think radec is pretty bad ass

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@mosespippy: i'm guessing there on the same planet for Shdow Fall because the Helghasts were just normal humans before they went to Helghan and brainwashed by Visari So perhaps the ISA let them stay on Vetka since the war is over after they nuked Helghan, the remaining helghasts probably only surrendered if they could stay on Vetka perhaps. I dunno, total guess though anyway yeah it's still kinda dump

And yeah that's why i play the KZ3 multiplayer all the time because it's alot more strategic that other FPS

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I actually like the stories, its pretty much like WW2 in space!

That would be great if the games' plots weren't totally devoid of any nuance whatsoever. Hopefully with whole Berlin Wall-thing they're going for this time, they'll actually try to deliver something vaguely interesting and maybe make the Helghast more than a bunch of faceless evil Space Nazis. I'm not counting on it though.

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@natedawg_kz: I'm guessing that it will be set at least a couple decades after the end of the second Helghan war since the cold war was decades after WWII. That would allow for time to change the power balance and societal issues between the two sides such that this situation could occur.

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Only Killzone game I've played was the original; thought the single-player was cool--never completed it, though--with all of the different characters and I had some fun in playing local multiplayer. Haven't touched the other two at all, though that's primarily because I've stuck to the Resistance series for my PS3 shooter of choice. I've always just preferred the look and design of the Resistance games, whereas Killzone just never managed to resonate with me for some reason.

I'll more than likely be playing this new one, though, if only because it's going to be tough to avoid considering it's all-but-confirmed to be a launch title. I'm still really disappointed that Killzone had to be the shooter franchise that gets to move onto the PS4, whereas the Resistance series is most likely canned.

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@yummylee: Yeah I enjoyed the resistane series too especially 3, it was awesome except for the ending

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Radec is the best boss in any FPS. I really liked the secondary fire and different routes you could take in Killzone 1. Never played 3, the PSP game was pretty awesome and gave flashbacks to True Lies on the SNES.

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@fredchuckdave: Totally agree, Radec is so awesome. Even though being the best boss of all of the FPS isn't much of a compliment

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Radec is the best boss in any FPS. .

Radec is a dick. There is absolutely NOTHING fun about fighting him.

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I like Killzone probably more than I should. I've played them all from the PS2 original when it first came out to Killzone 3 and everything in between (yes even the PSP version). I liked the MP in Killzone 2 and less in 3 but regardless I'm excited to see what Killzone Mercenary and Killzone: Shadow Fall are like.

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Killzone 2 is a great game. Enjoyed the first one too when it came out.

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The PSP game was cool, there haven't been many games like it. KZ2 was ok, but it always felt like an also-ran to me. The visuals are really great, but there is absolutely nothing else remarkable about it.

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@living4theday258: Did you play 3? They really tried to make a lot more varied environments. The alien jungle looks amazing, as does the snow and there's a lot more green.

yes i did play 3. i dont remember the jungle too well the snow however was just white added to the red gray black color pallet.

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The general conciseness with FPS's on the upcoming consoles is that they are all going to have to evolve. I don't think as many people are going to except the same old game play with slightly better graphics. That being said, it is way to early to lay any sort of judgement on Killzone SF. I will give them the benefit of the doubt that they will innovate in some way. So, yes, I am very much looking forward to the new Killzone.

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@natedawg_kz: Hey man, Doom 2 has a pretty awesome last boss/level; did think Radec was still more engaging though. Also Rico falls over every 5 seconds and that's fair compensation for his stupidity.

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Always felt like a dull and generic FPS to me, so I never liked it.

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@yummylee: Agreed. Resistance was the playstation FPS that I chose as well and if Resistance is over I may have to give Killzone a shot now. Previously only played the first one's multiplayer. I've always been interested in picking it up and this new one looks like a good jump off point. Am looking forward to it once PS4 makes sense financially for me (and also when I finish my massive PS3 backlog).

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They have always had a cool back story, with the whole space america fucking the helgast for their space oil thing. It is just a shame that the actual games just fell down to, here are british nazis now shoot them.

I think, as a series, the games have always suffered from being positioned, by Sony, as "the big thing killer" when it feels like it is firmly in the old Midway/THQ place of B-Tier games that are totally okay but not all that.

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@natedawg_kz: @mosespippy: The game takes place 30 years after KZ3 so yeah, it's been some time. Also just saw an article on Polygon of them talking to the devs that were present at the PS4 announcement and they said the Vektans let the remaining Helghast live on Vekta because there planet got blown to hell. It's supposed to be like the Cold War supposedly. There was peace but now that peace is starting to crumble little by little with the Helghast starting to pull off terrorist like attacks as shown in the demo. Links:

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Killzone 2 has some great multiplayer, wasent really interested in the story.

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Killzone 3 almost had a good story with the inner turmoil of Helghast politics but it was squandered and marines as main characters are such flat boring characters to care about especially the ones in Killzone 2 and 3. The gun play is nice and enemy reactions to bullets is satisfying but not enough open levels that could've utilized vehicles much like Halo games have. Shadow Fall could be good single player wise if they give the squad mates individual personalities and piss of the oohrah mentality of meat headedness that I'm quite sick of in games with guns.

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Got them all in my back catalogue :p

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I don't mind it I actually like it. The story was eh as with most shooters but it was fun and technically always impressive, plus the multiplayer was really fun especially in 3. Of course it's not for everyone and people will complain but you'll get that for every genre.

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