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A flawed gem. 0

Killzone had enormous amounts of hype attached to it before it was released in 2004.  It was claimed to be a "Halo-killer" and it would be a saving grace for the FPS genre on the PS2.  What it ended up being was a big disappointment.  However, it is unfair to say that Killzone failed.  It didn't fail by any means; it was just flawed.  The way I look at this game to this day is as a flawed gem.What most PS2 owners will notice first about Killzone is how nice it looks.  Actually, the graphics are ...

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New Coat of Paint 0

Killzone is certainly an important game, but not one that holds up particularly well. Having recently played the original PS2 release, the improvements are quite noticeable. The resolution boost that has been given to the HD port is immediately noticeable. This is not always a good thing, however. The game running in 720P makes the bland colors and textures more obvious than ever. The rendered cut scenes appear to have been untouched, and look every bit of 9 years old. Much more important, the g...

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It has flaws, but it's a functional shooter. 0

The first time I played Killzone was at a friends house, When I noticed it when I was a little bored in their house so I asked if I can play on their PS2 and they said ok and I tried Killzone. It has flaws, but it's a functional shooter.The story and art design was mostly the unique thing in the game. Though, the story is a little like World War 1 and 2.The gameplay was good. It involves you shooting hostile Helghast soldiers, tanks, flying war machines and etc mostly. And you can work as each 4...

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Good Idea, Bad Implimentation 1

  Reviewing games that came out years ago is always a bit tricky.   The reviewer is asked to review the game as a product of its time, as well as a product that you would play right now.   I tend to review older games with the lens of how it fits into the “history” of video games.   Luckily, the original Killzone doesn’t have this problem.   While it was certainly released six years ago (as of the time this review was written), it is still a modern first-person shooter.  The game st...

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A very solid and immersive shooter. 0

To start things off, I'll say that this game is not perfect. Not even close. However, its a lot fun, very immersive, pushes the PS2 to its limits, and is fairly underrated in my opinion.Lets start out with the graphics. The graphics in this game are possibly the best on the PS2, although it faces some stiff competition with Shadow of the Colossus. I seriously couldn't believe it was running on my PS2. Although there can be some frame rate problems from time to time. The sound is amazing. The sou...

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Delivers on killing but stays out of the zone. 0

At some point during the Playstation 2's never ending life-cycle Sony decided that they needed to hop on the rising popularity of console first person shooters with a FPS of their own. Their main competitor Xbox had released Halo in 2001 and was pretty much the benchmark for all console FPSes from that point on. With only Red Faction, Medal of Honor and Timesplitters on the PS2, Sony snatched up Guerrilla games in order to make their own exclusive shooter to the PS2. That game would be Killzone....

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This game is a excellent Sci Fi Shooter. 0

Its an excellent Sci Fi FPS and it is underrated but i do agree that it could of been better. First of all the gameplay. It is not quite as good as halo but if it had vehicles, a bigger range of weapons, sharper graphics, better effects and bigger and more innovative multiplayer maps it could of been as good.The graphics are not bad but could of had a higher contrast and better backgrounds. Also it could been more realistic when you kill someone because it doesn't look real.It gets repetitive wh...

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