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Level One Analyst, Los Angeles Domestic Unit
Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU)


Associate of Arts, Computer Programming
Santa Monica College

GED Certificate, Santa Monica High School*

*Dropped out before matriculation


Parents: Jack Bauer and Teri Bauer (deceased)

Kim Bauer, daughter of renowned action frontman Jack Bauer is a secondary and playable character in the game 24: The Game, a spin off from the succesful 24 television series.
Kim's character within both the 24 video game and TV series can range from emotional damsel in distress to spunky daughter of a spunky hero. Generally known for a no--nonsense attitude similar to that of her father, Kim generally portrays the commercially successful strong heroine figure whilst retaining some of the more feminine characteristics inherent throughout storytelling over the ages. Although both headstrong and capable of carrying out some of the more demanding tasks she's faced with, it is evident that Kim will certainly not risk the people she cares about when faced with difficult decisions. As the 24: The Game begins, Kim is starting her internship at CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit, a key location over the coarse of the 24 franchise) bringing her head on with many of the issues and people she has faced throughout both her fathers and her own turbulent pasts, whilst bringing up some new problems in the fight against terrorist organizations in Los Angeles.
In both the TV series and the game, Kim is played by Elisha Cuthbert.

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