thagrateone's Kinect Adventures (Xbox 360) review

Timed lag prevents more fun...but otherwise a real fun time...but

I was very hesitant to purchase the Kinect. I did not know how "wii" kiddy it would be or if I would want to spend a lot of time on this for the price of admission. I have a couple hours and an almost sweaty fun attitude so far. I am just hoping that this don't run thin on the whole "you are the controller" idea. I am guessing that in a couple months this might be coming up stronger with more ideas being used to make fun games like this. The Idea for this is really good..but the slight lag with movement is rather a let down. Over-all I have to say for $150 piece of equipment and 1 game that comes with is a good far. In a 6 month run...will this hold up...that is the major question I have. The MOVE and the Wii have a lot going for them...and I really hope this holds my attention. This is a strong 7 for a start of the KINECT series of games to come out. Do not worry about being upset if you fork out the money for this hardware....the navigation menus are a fresh 360 idea...not to mention moving and jumping can be pretty fun too.      It is a cool 7 outa 10.  Don't be worried about a solid purchase.
Posted by Marlowefire

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