Game is out, but everything is a trial, and you can't buy it?

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Anybody else seeing this? 
Edit: You have to also go to Extras inside the XBLA store and also download the "Kinect Party" item there.  That's the unlock.

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I just went straight off  A search gave me a 500mb result, then a 108kb result that  I assume is the unlock file.

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Yup, I just figured that out, you have to go to "Extras" in the store and get that file also called "Kinect Party".  Works great. 

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So if I get it now, I will own it forever? Og is is like a timed trial and I then have to pay, if I want to keep it next year?

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@Asger Full version is completely free as long as you download & unlock it before the end of the year. Just like with regular XBLA downloads, you're first downloading the 'trial' version and then you're getting a key for the full unlock. Also, another way you can get to the full version unlock is when you fire it up in demo mode, in the upper right portion of the screen should be an "unlock full version" monitor. That takes you to where you would 'buy' the full version. It's just that it is 0 points to get now for the promotion. I saw this topic before I got home to download this and noticed the download info does mention the "unlock full version" in game menu item but its easy to miss on that page and I think I only saw it because I was making sure I didn't miss something in that text after seeing the original post.

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@vhold said:

Anybody else seeing this? Edit: You have to also go to Extras inside the XBLA store and also download the "Kinect Party" item there. That's the unlock.

Thanks for the tip. I was having issues trying to unlock. it would take me to a blank screen all the time.

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Thank you. I was kinda pissed when the "pay to unlock" stuff started popping up.

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At least you guys have it:

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Can this game not be bought in stores? I'm looking everywhere online to by the disc.....

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@cconniee: It's digital only. Also locking this thread, please don't necro 2 year old threads in the future.


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