Is there a media black-out on this game?

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How bizarre that a Pixar game for Kinect just came out a couple weeks ago, and despite it being apparently pretty popular (based on its location in the 360 demo download lists), it's got almost no press interest. There isn't even a real info page on GB yet! All of the reviews I saw were either cursory glances into the game, or not in English. What's going on with this? I wanted to know if it would be a good game for my kids. I was hoping for a Quick Look or something. I's Pixar! It's a game!

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To be honest I don't think I had even heard of this game until now.

I guess this is kind of weird. Not so much that the press kind of ignored *another* Disney Kinect game (even though this one seems to involve Pixar), but that Disney wouldn't market it like crazy.

EDIT: There's like 14 reviews on Metacritic. Not a lot, but it's still more than what you made it seem like.

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I hadn't even heard of this game until I saw an ad for it in Gamestop last week.

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@benpatient: The sort of people that would buy or play movie based kinect games for kids are not the sort of people that read sites like GB, gamespot, IGN, etc. The people who run the sites know what their audience is and know that they aren't going to get a whole lot from covering the game. I would suggest maybe an XBox focused magazine since they are more likely to cover every xbox game or possibly if that still exists as it is/was the site for parents to get informed about games.

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there is plenty of evidence on giantbomb to the contrary. most of those metacritic reviews are from europe. Not even sure the game is available in europe yet.

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