Do the I'm Han Solo Dance!

#101 Posted by Catlicker (255 posts) -

To believe I once had respect for this saga.

Let it rot, I say.

#102 Posted by altairre (1434 posts) -

JESUS CHRIST! What is videogames? Who the fuck wrote those lyrics? I don't even know if I find this awesome or not...

#103 Posted by Gamer_152 (14303 posts) -

@fusrodah said:

@Gamer_152 said:

I feel like it almost seems dumb to say this, but thank you Rappelsiini for being someone who managed to post a funny video to the boards without just typing a couple of sentences of "Look at this video, isn't it funny".

I feel like that bit was probably directed at me, I posted the original thread. Did what this guy wrote really make that much of a difference? People care about the embedded video, I don't really understand why the rest matters. I'm not really attempting to be contrarian here, the fact that my post was labeled "spam" really baffles me.

I'd usually respond to this kind of thing in private, but I wouldn't want anyone to think that a moderator was making a personal attack on another user. This wasn't about you, and nothing personal but I didn't actually remember who you were anyway. We have a bunch of people every day who post threads that we consider YouTube spam, and it's something that I've been moderating basically every day since I became a mod, this wasn't about any individual user or thread. The reason we lock YouTube spam threads is because we don't want to encourage situations where users don't try to start discussions and simply leave other people to do it, and we don't want the forum to simply function as a video gallery.

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@Gamer_152: Thanks for the response. I still don't fully understand why this would be a problem but I obviously don't have the perspective to see it on the same scale that y'all do, so I'll digress. I think the time I've spent of reddit the last few years has changed the way I look at message boards but you guys put in the work and I probably shouldn't suggest changing policy until I hit like 40 posts or something.

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@Nadafinga said:

Anyone seen the Star Wars Christmas Special from 30 years ago? This franchise has always been a product aimed at kids, don't know why this newest development would surprise anybody. It's a friggin' kids game for chrissake, who gives a shit if it "fits Han's character."

The Christmas Special was a miss-step, it's why there were never any others and why it's all but impossible to find (outside of bootlegs).  Don't judge the whole series by one marketing exercise.
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This is the funniest thing I've seen in months, all you people care too much about space lord of the rings

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@Draxyle said:

There's so much evidence that he allows this kind of crap on purpose for some sort of twisted reason

you know, as much as I hate everything Lucas made after Indiana Jones 3(and I think he forgot how to make movies a long time ago), if I made a kick ass trilogy and wanted to move on to other things, but all people ever asked me or wanted to know about was that one trilogy and people started to live in this world, marrying in those costumes, making a jedi religion and all that jazz, I would do exactly the same.

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