Star Wars Kinect revealed

#1 Posted by 617_jbug (345 posts) -
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#3 Posted by KarlPilkington (2728 posts) -

You've been revealed.

#4 Posted by Barrock (3533 posts) -

Looks like Clone Wars. Sad panda.

#5 Posted by zombie2011 (4973 posts) -

This was revealed last year.

#6 Posted by crithon (3218 posts) -

I wonder if you can tune your Pod Racer like the N64 game?

#7 Posted by shinigami420 (640 posts) -

Looks like fucking shit

#8 Posted by Jensonb (1749 posts) -

Still looks just as lame as it did last year I see.

#9 Edited by Redbullet685 (6044 posts) -
@zombie2011 said:

This was revealed last year.

Yeah. This is old news.
Also, this is a missed opportunity if they don't have 2 player jedi duels.
#10 Posted by project343 (2825 posts) -

Looks... playable? I suppose that's something, right? 

#11 Posted by 617_jbug (345 posts) -

What I meant is that is the official trailer.

#12 Posted by bretthancock (778 posts) -

Doesn't look that bad, but certainly doesn't look great either. I'd almost rather see a collection of Star Wars themed mini games in here.

#13 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5144 posts) -

Fake gameplay is fake, but here is something real.

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