Dutch Retail: Natal is now Wave and cheaper than the Edge rumor

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 Can't wait for E3. 80 Euros is close to $100 US. Also gets a release date
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I'm pretty sure Natal was the nail-in-the-coffin for my enthusiasm for the 360's services and games.  While I can't blame Microsoft and Sony for trying to get a piece of Nintendo's massively successful casual pie, It's a pretty bum deal to hear the manufacturer of your console say "Hey thanks alot for all your support so far, but instead of rewarding you for it, we're going to make this thing that you won't care about and isn't at all aimed at you.  That's just how we show gratitude."   
I can't even imagine how much money has been spent into the creation and marketing of Natal, but I can imagine that maybe some of that money could have been used to keep Ensemble in buisness, or FASA, or convinvced Bungie to stick around rather than having them leave to go make deals with the devil.  There's been a major lack of the focus that used to exist on hardcore gaming and hardcore games.  With all the useless features that have been added to Xbox Live, that "Your In the Movies" thing they did, and now Natal I wonder if Microsoft thinks they can simply coast along at this point.  The hardcore gamer doesn't matter anymore because they've already been assimilated to the consumer-base, so all you have to do is throw them a bone every once and awhile and you're free to divert your attentions to a different segment of the market. 
IMO that's bullshit.  I won't support them anymore to fund their foray into the circus that is casual games.  The price of the thing, ultimately, is inconsequential.
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@SolemnOaf: It's called business.
Marketing isn't for people who are customers, It's to get customers.

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