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So there was this ad posted on Eurogamer, which people thought was an ad for Kinect until it was recognized as an old seatbelt ad. When you watch it, try to think of it as a real ad for Kinect. It kind of makes me think of a commercial old Sony would have done. Artsy! 
It is a pretty cool commercial for seatbelts though. 
Edit: Here it is - 

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Not far off from the reality.

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  I pretty much lose it at 0:19 with that head turn
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That was a well made commercial anyway.

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@Zero_ said:

" Embedded: 

  I pretty much lose it at 0:19 with that head turn "
what a load of cheesy family-friendly horse shit... god fucking damnit. 
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No way that could have worked as a Kinect ad, mostly because of that terrified expression the father has during the "car crash".

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It's a seat belt awareness commercial. It has nothing to do with the Xbox. 
Only a website like Eurogamer would take this seriously and post it as a legit commercial. Do they honestly think Microsoft would put up an ad of a product that is supposed to be family-friendly containing loaded subjects like car crashes? No, they wouldn't.

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=/ This ad makes no sense; can't he just imagine that he's wearing a seatbelt?

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@Apathylad said:
" No way that could have worked as a Kinect ad, mostly because of that terrified expression the father has during the "car crash". "
Makes no sense when the commercial first appears to be targeted towards families and such, then suddenly this all horrible scenario gets all up in there. 
Eurogamer posted this as an actual Kinect commercial, you say? Or was this just an ad on Eurogamer for a use-seatbelt-campaign? If the first, EG are fucking idiots.
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This is a pretty well known seat belt ad that cut short before the impact. You'd have to be pretty stupid to fall for it. Gamers. Like literally, first video that pops up when you google "seat belt ad" is this commercial (in full). Make an article about anything, thank god GB is in on this 'post now verify later' bullshit now too.

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I don't think the person who made this thought that people were going to take it seriously. It's a parody.

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@SPACETURTLE: They posted it as a real Kinect ad. They have fixed the error since though, but people can watch it at their site still if they wish.
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Click it or ticket!

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Hah! Bravo, Eurogamer...
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Well, even though this is a fake, it's a pretty damn good commercial.

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lol! You call this a good commercial? omg...

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@phrosnite:  This is officially better than any of Nintendo's ads. Whether that's a good thing or not is another matter entirely...
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It's a visual representation of what Kintect should be.
A car crash.

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I think it's foreshadowing.

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This was mistaken for an actual Kinect ad? Christ, I'm losing faith in humanity.


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