Kinect May Cost Microsoft $150 to Make

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The biggest question surrounding Microsoft’s upcoming foray into motion gaming is the price of its hardware. With Amazon, BestBuy and Gamestop all listing Kinect at $150, the pricing seems doomed to be high. But why the price listings when Microsoft has made no official announcement? A source close to Develop believes that’s how much it costs to make.

Could development costs be determining early, and possibly incorrect, retail pricing? It’s hard to tell this early as Microsoft themselves have added nothing to the speculation. This point of interest could be seen as negative or positive. Is it a sign of incorrect retailer pricing or is it a sign Microsoft is trying to break even on the hardware front? Also, don’t forget Edge-Online’s trusted source that leaked the $149.99 price weeks ago (the same source who spilled tons of accurate Gears of War 3 info.). Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

[ Develop

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 If they expect it to sell anywhere near their supposedly high expectations, this is NOT the way to go. If they want to sell this to families, the $300 (cheapest console + kinect) entry price is too high for families that could just go to a store and pay $199 for a Wii.

Then, $60 for each game? Christ! At least Nintendo was smart enough to bundle their best game with the console (which has led to Wii Sports becoming the best selling game of all time by a 23,200,000 copy margin.)

Seriously though. Kinect + Kinect Sports + (insert another game here) for $149.99 makes this a much less painful purchase.    

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