Kinect review

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I don't know how wise it is to review something that isn't out yet for a couple of months.

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I thought it was kind of surprising how the Microsoft PR guy seemed to be suggesting that 'controller games' were for the 'hardcore', or did I read too much into that? Or maybe I've just failed to realise how far away I am from being in the target demographic for kinect? :s

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@wasteguru said:

"I don't know how wise it is to review something that isn't out yet for a couple of months. "

Exactly what I thought, especially when most of the Kinect games arent ready. Also this was obviously a very Microsoft controlled area where they reviewed it, I doubt many people have such a big room in their house and you can see that where the Kinect mat is is probably the optimal distance which is quite far away.
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Just read the first impressions from the biggest Danish review site. And they are very mixed.
Some are very impressed, some call it eye toy 1,5. 
They all think the Adventure game is great, but none of them can see themselves playing kinect on their own. 
 If you guys are very interested, I can dig out further impressions.

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Calling that a review is deceitful.

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@gosukiller: You can play with words but it's pointless. Call it "first impressions" then...

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